Andrew Hidayat how to become a dog trainer ireland – TEACHING PROPER MANNERS WITH HOUSEGUESTS

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Andrew Hidayat how to become a dog trainer ireland – TEACHING PROPER MANNERS WITH HOUSEGUESTS

Allowing your dog to say hello to guests at the door should be a command just like any other command you give your dog! You don’t want good behavior to be dropped as soon as the doorbell rings!

When the doorbell rings, a LOT of people try to pull their dog back & squeeze their guest through the door while they struggle to keep their dog in their arms from bombarding their houseguest. Unless you teach your dog boundaries and what you want them to do instead of rushing the door, your dog will never learn proper manners. So teach your dog NOW to help yourself in the long run!

Like with every other command, never reward bad behavior; meaning: if your dog rushes the door and doesn’t listen to you when you try to open it, then simply don’t open the door for them.

Patience is KEY to teaching your dog manners toward a houseguest. If you want to get this right, I recommend taking as long as you need to get your dog focused on you before you open the door. You can practice this with a friend or family member on the other side of the door as well before trying this out in a live scenario.

When your dog gets over excited at the door, give them the ‘look’ or ‘sit’ command, and call their name in a positive tone to bring their attention and focus back to you.

If they still don’t calm down and focus on YOU only, then leash them!! Don’t give them the chance to not listen to you!

Your goal for this should be 100% focus on you even when someone is walking through the front door. Your dog should only greet your guest when given permission!

Once your dog focuses on you to wait for your command, you can give a treat and say ‘yes!’ or ‘okay!’ to give permission for your dog to greet your guest. Remember, don’t give in if they don’t listen!

After greeting your guest, your dog and his attention should return to you!

It’s TOTALLY fine for your dog to approach your guest, as most dogs naturally have a protective instinct when a stranger enters their home. So don’t feel like need to prohibit your dog from greeting your guest. We are just aiming to have a calm and controlled introduction 💗

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