Andrew Hidayat how to become a dog trainer toronto – A worrying trend under the title balanced dog training

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Andrew Hidayat how to become a dog trainer toronto – A worrying trend under the title balanced dog training

Owning and training a dog (or any animal for that matter) ought to be an enjoyable experience for both dog and owner. ‘Balance’ is far more than a clicker in one hand and an e-collar in the other. Above all else, balanced dog training and ownership is about understanding the animal in front of you and adjusting your approach in order to get the best from that dog. The knowledge that ‘THIS consequence will increase or suppress THIS action’ regardless, isn’t balanced dog training, at least not in the way that I see it. Too many youtube dog trainers are churning out the same old story with very little in terms of anything which might support the idea that they are greater than the use of their tool .. And that’s not right. Balance is about give and take, about (what the Coppinger’s might term) ‘a symbiotic mutualism’, a relationship, an interaction from which both dog and human derive benefit and MOST importantly, PLEASURE.
15 dogs on place boards in a 20×20 room is not what I consider to be representative of either ‘balanced dog training’, or compassionate interaction. The dogs are seldom shown simply ‘being’. Species specific tendencies, things the dog MUST do if it is to maintain internal equilibrium, are labelled ‘problems’, which are inhibited or corrected. Dogs NEED a firm understanding of life’s rules and requirements – I understand that and totally agree. But when, in your heart of hearts you seek more to generate restriction over freedom, where you are driven to control almost everything the dog does and advise correction for anything innocuous, species-typical and necessary, which might displease you, then you need to ask yourself ‘WHY’ you are working with dogs? Where is the love?
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how to become a dog trainer toronto

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