Andrew Hidayat how to become the pack leader with your dog – Becoming Pack Leader – "The Food Test"

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Andrew Hidayat how to become the pack leader with your dog – Becoming Pack Leader – "The Food Test"

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Here’s how to execute the “food test” with your dog…


There’s something I want to show you today that has the power to solve about 90% of dog obedience problems you may be having — whether that’s the frustration of not being able to fully (that means NO accidents) house train your dog, stop him from chewing your shoes or the furniture, stop leash pulling, barking, jumping on guests (or you) and just about anything else you can name.

It’s a quick little trick you can do today to help your dog recognize you as pack leader instantly.

Why is this important?

Well, in case you aren’t familiar with the way a dog’s brain is wired, let me sum it up for you like this…

When your dog doesn’t recognize your status as pack leader, all sorts of things happen…none of them good.

If your dog defies or disobeys, or does any of the things mentioned above, oftentimes all of these problem behaviors can be traced right back to the fact that he doesn’t respect you — doesn’t see you as the pack leader.

When you fix this, lots of things happen. And this time, all of them GOOD!

Now, I want you to understand that this is not an immediate cure-all for every single thing you’d like to change about your dog’s behavior.


It does all start here, with this one simple concept.


Here’s a quick little trick you can do the next time it’s time to feed your dog that will start the process of having her recognize you as the leader.

Now here’s an important note: This is one of 7 things you can start doing immediately to finally put yourself in a leadership position with your dog. Next time we talk I have a video planned for you that will walk you through this exercise step by step AND show you another of the 7 techniques — but that’s for next time.

Pack Leader Exercise: The Food Test

Here’s something you may or may not know about the way dogs live with each other in the pack.

In the pack, the leader eats first.


The problem many dog owners have is that they inadvertently send a message directly to their dog’s hard-wired instinct that the dog, not the owner, is pack leader.

How do they do this?

By feeding the dog at the same time you feed yourself, or by feeding the dog before you eat.

Big mistake!

Try this next time you feed your dog…

Step 1: Take your dog’s bowl and set it on your counter.

Step 2: Now, place a human plate next to the dog’s bowl. It’s important that your dog see you do this, and that your plate and his bowl are right next to each other on the counter.

Step 3: Now, fill your dog’s bowl with his food. BUT don’t give it to him yet. He needs to see you eat first. That’s the point of this exercise.

Step 4: Put a piece of food on your plate. It could be anything — some crackers, cookies, grapes, cheese, whatever.

Step 5: Eat your food first while your dog watches you. This sends a signal right to his mind that you’re the pack leader. He knows pack leaders eat first. So since you’re eating first, it tells him you MUST be pack leader.

Step 6: After a few minutes, when you’re finished with your snack, you can then put the dog’s bowl down on the floor and allow him to eat.


how to become the pack leader with your dog

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