Andrew Hidayat how to choose dog name – How to Pick Dog Names

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Andrew Hidayat how to choose dog name – How to Pick Dog Names

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Find the perfect handle that will suit your four-legged friend for years to come with these tips.

Step 1: Base it on breed
Base the name on the breed of your dog. You might consider Fritz for a German shepherd or Riley for an Irish setter.

Step 2: Suit their personality
Choose a name that suits their personality or behavior. Princess seems perfect for a spoiled lap dog. And Bandit is fit for a dog that takes things that don’t belong to him.

Step 3: Name by physical trait
Name your dog based on a physical trait. Bear suits a large, stocky canine, while Smokey or Shadow are a good names for dark-colored dogs.

You can also choose a name that is the opposite of their main physical traits, like Killer if your dog is a toy breed.

Step 4: Consider matching names
Consider a pair of names if you have two new dogs or puppies. Bonnie and Clyde or Ben and Jerry are examples.

Step 5: Choose something practical
Choose a practical name that you aren’t afraid to shout out loud. Refrain from embarrassing or overly long monikers. Something that is one or two syllables is best.

Step 6: Make a list
Make a list of your top 4 or 5 names and try them out on your dog to test which one you both respond to the most.

Did You Know?
U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt had at least 7 dogs, including an English sheepdog named Tiny.


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