Andrew Hidayat how to ease a cat in heat – How to calm a cat in heat

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Andrew Hidayat how to ease a cat in heat – How to calm a cat in heat

The symptoms of a cat in heat can try the patience of even the most loving pet owner. Cats are polyestrous meaning they have several heat cycles a year. This means that breeding cats can reproduce a litter at any time of the year. Typically heat phase will last between a week and 10 days. However, some cats that aren’t allowed to breed may seem to be more or less constantly in heat. Here are our tips on how to soothe your cat and make her feel comfortable during the heat cycle:

1. Isolate her from male cats. Do not allow your cat to go outside at all. This will help keeping her calm and safe. If you have a male cat in the house find a friend or a cat sitter to take him in for a couple of weeks.

2. Give your cat something warm to sit on. Some people find that giving the cat a heat pad or a warm vet towel to sit on keeps her calm and still.

3. Use a synthetic cat pheromone diffuser. It can take a couple of weeks of exposure to begin calming cats down so plug it in before your cat’s heat cycle begins.

4. Keep your cats litter box clean. By keeping the litter box as clean as possible you will encourage your cat to use it instead of spraying your house. If your cat does spray, clean and deodorize the area immediately.

5. Consider herbal remedies to soothe your cat in heat. Rescue Remedy is a herbal cat remedy which can decrease your cat’s stress levels and boost her immunity system. Folliculinum is another homepathic remedy which affects female hormonal system. Consult your vet about the right dosage for your cat.

6. Spay your cat. Spaying your cat will prevent the heat cycle from occurring. It will also prevent her from getting pregnant, spraying and reduces the risk of certain other diseases.

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how to ease a cat in heat

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