Andrew Hidayat how to get a cat to drink water – 10 Tips to Help Your Cat DRINK WATER ?

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Andrew Hidayat how to get a cat to drink water – 10 Tips to Help Your Cat DRINK WATER ?

Has your cat stopped drinking water? ? It is important to differentiate from a cat which does not need to drink much water and those which have stopped for any reason. In this AnimalWised video, we explain how to keep your cat properly hydrated with these 10 tips to help your cat DRINK WATER. We will also provide some background on how much water a cat should drink every day and what causes might lead them to stop drinking water in the first place. We will help explain the symptoms of dehydration in cats and show you what you can do to stimulate their drinking habits. Before we do, we need to stress that dehydration in cats indicates a medical emergency. If you see your cat has stopped drinking water and is displaying the symptoms of dehydration, take them to the vet immediately. If you want to know some more background information, you can check out:

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how to get a cat to drink water

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