Andrew Hidayat how to get a male cat to stop spraying – How To Stop A Cat From Spraying – Guaranteed!

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Andrew Hidayat how to get a male cat to stop spraying – How To Stop A Cat From Spraying – Guaranteed!



And welcome. to this video – thank you for your company.

Do you want to find out how to stop a cat from spraying… you know, everywhere in your house?

And are you spending money on products that just don’t work!

Well, if you’re worried about cats spraying, then you’ve come to the right place.

But before we get into that, let me tell you about Billy.

We got Billy when he was 6 weeks old, and we had him for 19 years – a truly beautiful cat with very good manners.

He would come when you called his name and would look up into your eyes and say” I love you, daddy!”

It was unconditional love and he had impeccable manners.

When our feline friends are well trained, aren’t they adorable?

Check this out the video for some wonderful cat antics!

Aren’t they lovely when they are well behaved?

And then we have Harry!

We rescued Harry as an abandoned 2 year old – skinny and covered in fleas.

He had a good nature – we had him for about 12 years – but he was more like Garfield…

“I’ve been sitting here beside my bowl for 60 seconds and I still can’t see the food coming!!!”

Now, because Harry was running wild for some time, his manners were good but not that good… we had accidents from time to time.

Can you relate to that?

You know… you would get up in the morning and find he hadn’t used his litter tray… so you would have to hunt through the house to find where the cat had sprayed.

Or you would come home and open the door and the whole house would be on the nose, really stinking!

You know what I mean?

Having a cat that pees everywhere is upsetting and stressful and, of course, expensive. You would buy this product and that product and none worked properly. And there were some items of furniture that you had to replace.

And it was embarrassing when friends came over.

You really want to find out how to stop a cat spraying and have good manners again.


Now here is a breath of fresh air… let me introduce to Sarah Richards and her cat Timmy.

Sarah works in a vet clinic and fell in love with Timmy, an abandoned cat. He sounds like our Harry, but a lot worse.

Sarah tried everything to stop her cat from spraying in the house but nothing was really worked.

So he did some major investigation – she was in a good position to do that, working with animals in a vet clinic – and has come up with a program, a system that is 100% effective.

But I will let Sarah tell you the story.

Just pop in your details below this video and I will take you over and introduce you to Sarah and Timmy.

You want to stop your cat from spraying – all over the place, everywhere in the house? Of course you do. Having a cat peeing in your house is not only unhygienic but also there’s the wasted time and money.

Sarah has come up with an inexpensive program, a proven system guaranteed to stop your cat peeing outside the litter box! PLUS she has got a bunch of free bonuses for you.

She even answers the question of why do cats spray in the first place.

Go on, put your details in below and let Sarah fill you in on the rest of the story about how to stop a cat from spraying.

Oh… and check you inbox because I have a special free bonus for you.

Thanks for your company and it’s bye for now.


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