Andrew Hidayat how to get a sick cat to drink water – Syringe feeding a sick cat

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Andrew Hidayat how to get a sick cat to drink water – Syringe feeding a sick cat

Back in 2014, I had no idea how much of an impact this video would have; I’m so thankful that this awkward video has been able to help so many! This was maybe my 6th time trying to syringe feed her, something I would end up doing probably a hundred times after. I wish I had made a video towards the end of her recovery, because I was a lot better at it!

Anyway, below is some more information about my experience to help with your adventure in cat-saving!

Gaia: Here is a side by side comparison of Gaia before and after treatment!
It required a lot of care, but it saved her life!

In 2016, she developed Feline Hepatic Lipidosis a second time while she was being cared for by family while I was on a trip. My relative bought her a different brand of food, not realizing that she was having trouble keeping it down. LIVER FAILURE CAN HAPPEN VERY FAST, I was out of town for only two weeks. By the time I returned home, she was already quite ill. Sadly this time, syringe feeding was unable to help her recover, because her nausea was too overwhelming. Gaia had a feeding tube put in her neck, and she again made a full recovery after several weeks!
So if you’re having too much difficulty with refeeding via syringe, don’t despair! The feeding tube can be life-saving as well!

Update: Gaia fully recovered 2 months after she was diagnosed! I went from several times a day feedings to 2x a day with IV saline every day of 100 mL. If you’re watching this video, don’t give up! It’s hard but they can recover, even if it involves getting a feeding tube.

Here is the syringe I used :

Clinicare milk replacement (not shown in video, but i used it when she was weak because it was easier for her to swallow) :

Science Diet A/D High Calorie (food I used/what you see in video) :
***I Highly Recommend getting this from the vet, because it’s really expensive on Amazon***

(I stopped keeping track at the end of December 2014 because she was able to comfortably keep the entire can of food down each day, which met her caloric needs!!)

When Gaia was very weak and would receive SubQ fluids, she often couldn’t make it to the litter box to relieve herself. I kept these pee pads under her and they were *so* helpful. Additionally, we were able to identify when she had a bout of blood in her urine–something that thankfully ended up not being serious.

Washable pee pad

Travel/Disposable pee pads :

BABY COMB!! Worked great for getting food bits out of her fur after feeding sessions:

Pet Washing Foam: I used this in the video. It’s really important to clean their face after, because they’re probably too weak to do it themselves, and it can get crusty and gross 🙁

The foam/comb combo worked really well for us 🙂


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