Andrew Hidayat how to kill a cat painlessly – How To Kill An Animal That You Love – Euthanasia – Culling – Predator Attack – Humane Methods

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Andrew Hidayat how to kill a cat painlessly – How To Kill An Animal That You Love – Euthanasia – Culling – Predator Attack – Humane Methods

Charlie – Charlie – Charlie I Love You Man – Sad Day At 3Canyons

Last night 3/6/18 a predator attack around 8pm claimed the lives of one of our roosters, another rooster, Charlie was maimed during the event. Most likely trying to save the lives of his comrades. Charlie was saved from the frying pan two years ago at the farmer market and has been a intergral part of our farm since. Quite the gentleman he was. Always there to protect you. We will miss him dearly.

Sometimes euthanasia is the only option to prevent suffering in animals that you may be raising. This can be difficult if you have an attachment to the animal. Proper techniques exist for culling different animals and it is important you learn them before you get stuck. Nothing could be worse than shooting an animal multiple times because you do not know what you are doing. Get a book, learn the facts. Do it quickly and with love. Practice will allow you to be more clear headed, human and precise as the executioner. Nonetheless, it is NEVER easy. We love you Charlie! Thank you for your service. XOXOXO

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